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Mishti - Organic Vegan Handmade Chocolates

Dark Moon - 100% Chocolate

Dark Moon - 100% Chocolate

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Ingredients(all organic, always): cacao beans, cocoa butter.

  • Intense cacao and  slight fruity flavor
  • Chef's use in recipes
  • Mix in Protein shake
  • Or just eat it.

The purest-taste experience.

Dark moons enchant the world into finding more intimate moments, rich renewal and discoverable depths. We’ve captured this enchantment in our Dark Moon bar, made with 100% cacao. Naturally-occurring within the cacao is a slight fruity flavor that the chocolate enthusiast will undoubtably savor. Our community loves this bar; chefs use Dark Moon in a variety of recipes and others incorporate the bar into their morning protein shakes for the antioxidants and flavanols that are naturally present in the cacao.

Savor and repeat.

Each bar is approximately 1.6 oz

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