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Organic Vegan Chocolates

Bringing a smile to every face, one chocolate at a time...

no Soy, no Gluten, no GMO, no Soy Lecithin, Certified Vegan

What our customers say...

Loved the ginger, toffee and orange zen flavors! This is truly the best chocolate I have ever had. The Orange Zen has an AMAZING cardamom flavor. Thank you for creating an incredible handcrafted chocolate!

Clean ingredients and delicious flavors! The ginger orange peel is particularly good and the hot chocolate mix is divine!!

Really great chocolate. Such clean flavors and the chocolate has the perfect snap. Using coconut sugar makes it Paleo friendly too!

the most delicious chocolate made with simple and natural ingredients! the staff was super friendly and helpful to make sure i was happy with my selections and i am so grateful to have finally found a vegan milk chocolate 

My husband and I received a few bars of this chocolate as part of a wedding gift and we're in love! I can't wait to try the other flavors we have and make the trip to pick up some more when we run out!

Meet the chocolatier...

Pure ingredients

All organic, never extracts or oils.