In 2015, Chocolatier Arpita Kohli began a journey that led to a flourishing business built around chocolate. When her daughter, Mishti, was diagnosed with a dairy allergy, Arpita transformed her household into a vegan and allergy-friendly zone. Not content to assign her family to uninspired foods devoid of pleasure and nutritious value, Arpita rethought traditional foods, specifically chocolate.

Mishti Chocolates was born from Arpita’s desire to reimagine vegan and allergy-friendly to mean better tasting and better for you. Today, a wide variety of flavorful chocolates are enjoyed by an active community of health-conscious patrons and flavor-seeking aficionados.

Guided by principles of simplicity and creativity, Team Mishti is devoted to making chocolate with phenomenal flavors and real ingredients, without the oils, extracts and allergens that pervade most chocolate products on the market. Taste a morsel of Mishti Chocolate for a pure, unforgettable experience. 




When Arpita Kohli thinks about chocolate, she thinks in bright colors, bold or hidden textures, and surprising, alluring flavors. Arpita draws from a deeply inspired love of cooking nurtured by her mother, grandmother and aunts, who encouraged her adventurous spirit for flavors and willingness to experiment. With a background in textile and fashion design, Arpita knows about the tendency to eat with one’s eyes, but also with one’s whole self for utter fulfillment. Meditating upon flavor combinations and having the patience to see a vision through makes Mishti Chocolates a different kind of bean-to-bar company, one driven by unwavering values for simple ingredients in creative, extraordinary creations.



Mishti Chocolates are designed with a unique layering approach to create a three-dimensional chocolate experience.

First, the colorful and bright package brings life to the flavors before the bar even passes your lips.Then, the taste of the chocolate writes its own story in your life, inscribing a tangible memory onto your senses. Lastly, the tactile, texture of the bar produces an additional dimensionality across an array of feelings in your mouth.

Mishti’s Bars are a journey from the first glimpse to the unwrapping of the paper, from the depth of the aroma to the first bite, and from the finals wallow to the lingering feeling of contented well-being that follows.