Mishti Chocolates Featured in Industry Magazine March-April 2018 Edition

All organic…all vegan…all delicious. Owner Arpita Kohli named her bean-to-bar chocolate company after her little daughter, Mishti Girdhar, and is determined to benefit her customers’ health as much as their grateful taste buds. She speaks almost evangelically of chocolate being one of the purest expression of love a substance, she is convinced, that can “enliven your senses and your passion, and nourish your being.”

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150ish the local dish

An artist pursues her bliss. And we find chocolate nirvana

Are we living in a Golden Age of chocolate? 150ish is beginning to think so. We’re especially impressed with the number of artisans working bean to bar and bringing vegan chocolate to new heights of flavor and texture. One of our new favorites is Mishti, organic, vegan chocolate hand-made in New Jersey by Arpita Kohli. Francesca and Marisa love the way Arpita brings her artist’s sensibility to this beautiful-to-look-at, delicious-to-savor, line.

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Wintertime Farmers’ Markets Are In Season and Red Hot

On a recent Saturday morning at the market at West Windsor, I filled three shopping bags with meats and cheeses, fruits and vegetables, salad greens and microgreens, oats and…chocolate from Mishti, which is sold at the winter markets in Morristown and West Windsor (as is Chickadee Creek and Local 130, the superlative seafood merchant featuring fishes wild-caught off the 130 miles of New Jersey coastline). I bought five chocolate bars. We’re talking chocolate flavored with ginger, with orange, with nuts. Only four made it into the photo you see here; one somehow got “lost” on the car ride home.

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